Ampeg 70's VT22

Ampeg 8X10 Classic Cabinet

Fender '59 Bassman

Fender Vaporizer

Lab Series L5

Marshall JCM800 (2203)

Marshall 1960BHW

Orange RockerVerb 50 mkII

Orange 2X12

Traynor Dark Horse w/Cabinet

Supro Saturn 1648RT


Blue Ridge BR-160

Fender American P-bass 2004 with DP122

Fender American P-bass 1995 modded with P & J pickups

Fender American Deluxe Telecaster Thinline

Gibson '62 SG Junior

Gibson '82 Sonnex 180

Gibson Les Paul Special

Gretsch Electromatic

Hammond XK-2

Nord Electro 2

Roland FP-50

Roland A-300Pro

Ludwig 70's (Olive Badge)-22" bass, 12" ,13", & 16" toms

Various Snares by Ludwig & Mapex

Various Cymbals by Zildian, Sabian & Bosphorus


Please note: if you need something specific for your session, please contact us & we can usually find it.