Your project is not about this building, the depth of our sound treatments, or the model numbers on our microphones. It’s all about you and your music. We strive to create a laid back, relaxed atmosphere where you can make the music you and your fans want to hear.

Our goal is to blow away your expectations on every project, in every way, every time. We work faster and more efficiently, consistently producing results that keep artists coming back.



How do I book Time? 

  1. Fill out the “Start A Conversation” form below.

  2. We will reach out to you to work through the details of your project.

  3. Choose your dates and pay a deposit to lock them in. DONE!

How much time do I need to book?

It depends on the length and complexity of the recording. A good rule of thumb is 1 day per song. 3 songs = 3 days, 5 songs = 5 days. This includes time to properly track, mix, and master a song. Budgeting more time allows for more nuanced recordings and a polished radio ready final product. Under budgeting time will require cutting corners somewhere in the project.

Things to consider when booking time.

To ensure you get the days you want, book early. Saturdays and Sundays are often booked several months out. Weekdays are less expensive and easier to book consecutive days.

Do you charge extra for mixing & mastering? 

Yes. It is an integral part of the process & if you really want your project to come out as pristine as possible, you should budget time for mixing even if you don't plan to attend (most mixing sessions are unattended).  How much time is needed for mixing/mastering again depends mostly on the aesthetic of the material.

I just need to cut two minutes of vocals. Can I book 1 hour?

Unfortunately, nothing only takes 1 hour. We can book a half day for smaller projects.

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